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Mandarin Products (NZ) Ltd has been well established over 20 years, started being a simple dry seafood retailer. Nowadays it has developed its reputation now renowned in the New Zealand sea food industry and Asian Chinese market.

With our unique state of art low temperature drying and freezing technology, HACCP, RMP, factory manufacturing control PH306 and sincere candid business mentality, customers are satisfied with our inventories including Dried Fish Maws, Sea Cucumbers, Abalones, Wields, scallops, Elephant Fish Fin, Fish Fin Bone Tails, Chinese Herb, Conch, Mushroom, Deer Products and countless more.

Today Mandarin Products is not only popular in Dry Seafood retailer and wholesaler market in Auckland, we have successfully aligned business to Hong Kong, Mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and the USA. Every day our colleagues are diligently answering endless business enquiries to our global partners about customer nutrition, health and market needs.

The significant success of Mandarin is attributed mainly to its continuous innovation, it is well driven by customer need orientation and its creativity throughout the past and future. We are thankful to the long and continuous support by customers and business partners.

Mandarin nowadays consists of it sizable manufacturing factory and research centre in East Tamaki, its retail shops in Newmarket and Sommervile, Howick, Auckland.

In 2015, we appointed Anderson Junior, popular TVB star and MC as our product spokesman.

In 2017, The Company is entering an era of new success and expansion to start launching new instant food products like Fish Maw, Abalone and Sea Cucumber soups and we expect the hot purchase popularity in the supermarkets. Meanwhile we are co-producing the WTV28 channel for the cooking episodes to open more cooking secrets and mystery of good tastes. 






現在我們管理包括在East Tamaki的製造工廠和研究中心,與及在Auckland的Newmarket和Somerville兩間零售店。